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  • How big is the logbook?
    Our logbook is compact and portable. It is about the same size as a passport just a little bit thicker, and can fit in pants pockets. Children of all ages can easily hold it. Dimensions are: 3.75" wide, 5.25" tall, 3/8" thick, and weighs roughly 4oz.
  • My children are 3 and 7 and have been flying their whole lives, would this still be a good gift for them?
    Yes! We recommend our logbook to children of all ages and at any point in their travels. Our logbook is great to gift at a baby shower, or even to a seasoned traveler with multiple flights under their belt. It is never too late to start keeping track of all the wonderful adventures you will go on.
  • When should I have my logbook filled out by the pilots?
    We highly recommend having it out and ready as you walk down the jet bridge to your airplane. Ask the flight attendant at the front of the plane if you're able to visit the flight deck and have the pilot sign your children's book. We personally taught our children to do this themselves as early as possible. It builds confidence and independence and the pride on their faces when the pilots speak to them directly is immeasurable. Most flight crews are happy to see children light up and excited about aviation.
  • What should I do if we aren't allowed to speak to the pilots during the boarding process?
    It is a rare moment that the flight crew won't allow visitors. Sometimes the pilots are busy and don't have time to give you and your child their full attention. If this happens explain the logbook to the flight attendant and that you'd like the pilots to fill it out. When this happens the flight attendants will hand the books to the pilots and you will either get them back during the flight, or if the pilots would like to see the children, after the flight. Do not wait until the end of the flight to get the logbook filled out, sometimes the pilots will need to deplane early to make it to another flight.
  • What makes these interactions special?
    Pilots and flight crews enjoy enthusiastic children and parents. We've had pilots walk back and personally hand logbooks to children. There have been announcements celebrating the special passengers on board. Even some special goodies. The possibilities are endless. Having our logbook definitely opens up a whole new world for the children and will enhance your travel experience.
  • Can we tag you in our pictures?
    We love seeing pictures of your children happily holding and/or looking at their logbooks, handing them to the flight crew, seeing what the pilots write, writing their own experience about the flight or their travel experiences. Feel free to tag us on any pictures you post! IG: simplyforflyingusa You are also welcome to email us any pictures and tell us how your experience went with our logbook. We would love to post those here on the site! We love hearing from our customers.
  • What if I don't live in the USA?
    We will happily ship anywhere in the world, however we are the sole distributors for the United States, Canada and Mexico. Outside of those locations if you would like a recommendation on a closer distributor please feel free to contact us, or go to: and click on the "distributors" tab to find the closest one to you. Your country may impose duties and other import taxes in which the purchaser would be responsible for those payments if incurred.
  • Can I purchase the logbooks anywhere else?
    If you're in the United States, Canada, or Mexico you can purchase via our website. If you're outside this area then check out our other distributors. Eventually, we hope to partner with other stores to sell our logbooks.
  • What if I want to return or cancel my order?
    Due to the fact that we are a small business, all sales are final. If for some reason you have received your product damaged please do not hesitate to contact us. Otherwise, there are no refunds, and any return fees due to refusal to pay import taxes or otherwise will be the buyer's responsibility.
  • Can I purchase wholesale to sell in my store or elsewhere?
    Yes! We would love to chat with you about a wholesale partnership. We want to see our logbooks in your stores, boutiques, or online stores. Please reach out via our Contact Us form if you would like to stock our logbooks.
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